The Joy of React

The interactive learning experience that teaches you how to build rich, dynamic web apps with React.js.

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Taught by Josh W Comeau
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So, let’s be real. Learning React is hard.

Over the past few years, React has become a “must-have” skill for front-end developers. Just about every job posting lists it as a pre-requisite!

If you’ve tried to learn React, though, you know it can be confusing and overwhelming. There’s just so much to know, and most of the tutorials out there assume a ton of prior knowledge and context.

Maybe you’ve gotten stuck in tutorial hell, following tutorial after tutorial without ever making tangible progress, like a mouse on a running wheel. You’ve built so many dang “Todo list” apps now, and yet when you try to build your own project, you don’t know where to start.

You want to learn React, but you’ve struggled. 😬

I want to help.

Over the past year, I’ve been hard at work building the ultimate React course for beginners.

The Joy of React is an interactive course. You won’t just sit and watch me code. There are tons of exercises, real-world-inspired projects, and fun mini-games and activities. It’s not like any other course you’ve taken before (unless you’ve taken my CSS course, in which case, it’s quite a bit like that).

We learn React from the ground up, building a robust mental model we can use to understand React and solve hard problems. I’ll share the dozens of epiphanies I’ve had after more than 7 years of React experience.

We won’t just learn about React, either; we cover everything you need to know to succeed as a React developer, including modern JavaScript syntax, along with a ton of helpful community tools and packages.

The truth is, React is a joy to use.

Once you get the hang of it, React is a dream. I’ve tried just about every JS framework under the sun, and nothing else makes me feel as empowered as React.

I care a lot about the user experience, including things like performance, accessibility, polish. Getting this stuff right is not easy. But the React community has stepped up, and there are so many wonderful solutions we can leverage.

We first need to build a rock-solid foundation, to truly understand React conventions and best practices. Then, we’ll see how “secret weapon” community packages extend our reach.

This is a recipe for uninterrupted flow state. It’s pure joy, and I want you to experience it.

The Joy of React will be released in January 2023. You can follow along with its development by joining the waitlist. I plan on sharing some exclusive behind-the-scenes content as well. 💖

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