The reviews are in!

The Joy of React has received tons of positive reviews from folks who pre-ordered the course. Here are some of my favourites:

I am currently attending a two-year programme focused on frontend and React. I already knew some javascript when I started, so while my classmates caught up, I bought The Joy Of React. I was too eager to learn more.

The teachers at my school have asked me if I would like to graduate 6 months early, because, as they said, “you probably know more about React than we do.”

So, I will be graduating school on the 29th this month, all thanks to your course! That means six months of developer salary coming up. A many-fold return on my investment into your course.

Mikkel Birkeholm

The Joy of React has been the most amazing coding learning resource I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across online, and I thank you a million tons for taking the time and effort to make it. You explain concepts in such a simple and understandable way, and you're very careful to consider the student's stressful and overwhelming emotions along the learning journey. Programming is, of course, not very easy to learn, and there is so much imposter syndrome, competition, and fear of losing our job in our industry, but thank you for being that non-judgmental teacher to me. Someone I did not have in all 4 years of college education of computer science...

Thanks to your course, I was able to land a really high paying, 6 figure job in California as a full stack developer for a big food company, and I'm super grateful for all the concepts you taught in your course, which I use every day.

David I.

I've taken several other very good React courses, but before The Joy of React, my apps hit a wall around a few thousand lines of code, where adding new features became very painful and often broke existing code. The reason I believe this course helped me break through that is because each lesson not only taught me how to do something, but more importantly gave me a clear mental model for why I should do it that way. For every topic covered in the course, you talked me through several carefully considered examples and solutions that really illuminate the problem landscape in a way that not only helped me understand why you chose the solution you did, but helped me clearly see the best solutions for my own particular use case and codebase.

The icing on the cake was being able to ask questions directly in Discord, and receiving incredibly generous, well-thought out responses. I can't recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Josh!

Robert Bracco

I knew I needed to learn React, but it seemed so confusing and complicated. I started The Joy of React in January, and I got a job as a full-stack developer working with React in April!

I was an English teacher for 10 years before making a career change. I started a part-time online computer science degree in Sept 2020, I started learning JavaScript on my own in January 2022, I quit my job as an English teacher to attend the Recurse Center in May 2022, and then I got my first job as a developer 11 months later.

This course helped me realize that React isn't scary at all! In fact, I love it now, and I love my new job and career. Josh’s passion and enthusiasm for React, along with his excellent understanding of it and ability to teach, make this course one of the best investments I've made.

Angel Hudgins

The Joy of React had a really great impact on my career: I took it during an internship as a Frontend Engineer because I wanted to master it completely. I initially thought it was going to just fill the gaps in my knowledge in React, but I ended up discovering way more things, concepts, mental models and golden nuggets that I wasn’t even aware of!

After the internship, I got offers from several companies, nailing every React/JavaScript interview, and I genuinely believe that this course is one of the main reasons that brought me to this!

Massimo Parisi

I'm a SaaS entrepreneur, but not a professional developer. Before taking The Joy of React, most of the apps I worked on were mainly coded in PHP + HTML + CSS + Javascript, and a few had a Node.js backend. These apps felt outdated and clunky in their UI. While I had some familiarity with React, I lacked the confidence to fully transition.

However, after going through The Joy of React I was able to completely migrate all of our apps to Next.js. As an example of the impact this had for our business: one app was generating a steady MRR of about $3k/month until April 2023, when it skyrocketed to $12k/month, a growth attributed to the enhanced UI/UX and functionalities that I learned through the course.


I have been writing React for about 4 years now, but I have always felt like I was just hacking things together. I understood that certain things worked in certain ways, but I never really understood why.

The Joy of React has given me a deep understanding of React, from the basics to the more advanced concepts. I now understand how React works at a fundamental level, and I am able to write much more efficient and maintainable code.

I have also been able to have much more productive conversations with my senior developers. I am now able to explain the reasoning behind my code choices, and I am even able to correct them on certain topics.

Jason Southin

Josh is one of the best teachers in the biz, and every single lesson is engaging, informative, and more importantly, fun. Josh gives you an understanding of React from first principles. That, combined with the lessons on designing component interfaces, will let you pick up most other React-centric libraries with no problem.

The course will let you see React through Josh's eyes, and you'll fall in love with it, just like he has.

Michael Smith

I’m a senior fullstack dev. Have been working with React for a good number of years now. One thing I really appreciate about Josh’s courses is that no matter how experienced I feel I am I always learn more from them. Sometimes these tricks are invaluable.

Josh explains things very well and offers the details to really master/understand a topic. Not just a brush over like many tutorials and courses do.

Christopher Lamb

I have never experienced such an incredible learning experience taking a course. It has given me a profound understanding of how React truly operates, and I use this as an everyday tool in my daily development workflow.

I cannot express how grateful I am for Josh’s dedication to creating such an impactful course. His boundless enthusiasm for React shines through in every module, leaving me genuinely inspired. I can't wait to see the positive impact this course will have on many others!

You will learn a lot, I can't recommend it enough.

Facundo Perez Montalvo

I've only finished Module 1 (I'm planning to get to the rest!) but I just wanted to echo that it's already been super valuable to me.

I referenced a few things I learned directly in job interviews, and I'm sure it played a role in what turned out to be multiple job offers. I've got 10 years of front end dev experience and about 5 years of React, and I still found a lot of new learnings even in just the first module. Not just "Can I accomplish x,y,z in React" but "Do I understand it well enough to explain how it works" type of stuff.

Andrew Borstein

Having worked with React for the past three years, I thought I had a very solid grasp of it. However, this course proved me wrong in the most inspiring way possible. Not only did I learn new mental models and can go back to them whenever I needed to, but it also rekindled my creativity, motivating me to start and finish a new side project after a pandemic-induced slump. It truly lives up to the name, it sparked joy!

Jaye Hernandez

I just want to thank you for so many "Ah Ha!" moments. I've been building in React at an enterprise level for years but have learned so much and put so many React frustrations with to bed.

A huge thank you for always somehow knowing exactly the question I have in my head.

Paul Ferguson

Before I took The Joy of React, I already had a job as a React developer that I had just started. I wasn't well versed in React so I was learning most things about React in the real world from my teammates. Taking your course gave me a much deeper understanding and appreciation of React and I was able to end up influencing how my new team thought about and wrote code.

But honestly, the best part about taking The Joy of React was how we got to think about accessibility! This was a part that even my teammates were not thinking about and we got to improve the quality of our application for non-mouse users through your teachings.

Thabiso Magwaza

This course has been super helpful for me in finally getting a better understanding of React and how it works. I was able to use some of the things I learned here (especially some of the sections around useEffect) to help solve some hydration issues at work. And I got to use the modal exercise to build a modal at work as well! The exercises and teachings covered in the course are useful in the day to day work of a software engineer. I've been recommending it and talking about it any chance I get!

Linda Thompson

As a self-taught React developer, The Joy of React has been an eye-opener on all levels. There are so many "Ah, that's how it's done!" moments that I'm constantly revisiting content from the classes to reinforce concepts and to help me develop new projects, both for clients and for myself. This has made me take a step further in our work with React and has made me be faster developing and thus be able to take more work. Without a doubt, it was the best decision to have been an early adopter.

Carlos Faria

I've been using React professionally for about 8 years now and I not only feel like this is great refresher material, it also feels comprehensive and approachable for beginners.

What makes The Joy of React so much better than other React courses is not relying on video content — the sandpack dev environment interspersed with written lessons and video explanations is a perfect balance of using each type of media for what it's best at. Josh has managed to capture it in a single course, with sensible and bite sized lessons, organized in a clear and coherent manner.

I'll be continuing to recommend the course to seasoned vets and React beginners alike.

David Felix

I’m studying software engineering in Argentina, and I've purchased several high-end React courses in the past, but things didn’t click the way they did when I went through The Joy of React. It’s like I had a new understanding of what was going on behind the curtains of React!

At the time I was going through the course content I was working as a freelancer on a project that was built with next.js and I applied many of the best practices I learned from the course!

Gian Luca Pecile

I could not be happier with The Joy of React, and it just keeps getting better. The only “problem” for me at least, with your course, is that quite regularly I have massive epiphanies about JavaScript and React and I just bugger off and start coding something. I am having trouble staying on course!

David Kartuzinski

I had numerous experiences with other courses that only moved the needle for me a little bit and never really "stuck". The Joy of React is unique in its approach in trying to imbue foundational knowledge of what React is actually doing, as well as why the creators chose to architect in the way that they did, fit like a glove because that is exactly how I've learned everything else in web development.

The interface and your overall aesthetic and interactivity exude mastery over your craft, the course structure is novel and creative, and your friendly demeanor makes me feel like I'm logging on to spend time with an old friend! I feel like I struck gold or discovered some hidden secret in the React world. Your course completely changed my path of development and has, indeed, made me truly excited and joyful about React development.

Lars Faye

I started using React two years ago to create Next.js based websites to replace my old WordPress ones. Learning React has a steep curve unless you understand the basics. The Joy of React covers the basics, but it doesn't end there. It also includes some pretty advanced material, including ready-made recipes you can use directly in your code.

I am not a full-time developer. I make websites to support projects in which I am involved. For that reason, it is astounding the things I have achieved after following the course. I would have thought I was not capable of doing them.

My only regret is that this course wasn't available when I started learning React.

Manuel Oñate

Honestly, my experience with The Joy of React has been sort of a blessing in disguise. It has revealed to me that despite I'm way on my way to seniority, I still have to temper my competitive side. I was rushing through the modules in a foolish race to prove that I know React and this is just a high quality refresher. Little did I remembered and knew that analogies are the most powerful teaching gimmick and that yours are delightful.

Răzvan Sbîngu

I am not new to React, and in fact, I have built real React apps and shipped to production, but I have definitely learned a ton in this course - from the very beginning to my current stage!

I almost never used React.memo, useMemo, and useCallback, because I couldn't really understand the way they work, and their mechanics. After going through your course, I am now very confident and can't wait to utilize their benefits in my own projects.

Omar Jasseh

I picked up an early access license and have been really impressed with the course. Josh does a great job of building a mental model in digestible steps, and the platform has encouraged me to actually do the practice exercises.

Anthony Clark

I had tried to pick up React multiple times over the last few years but it was always so difficult that I would give up.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been slowly making my way through The Joy of React and I just managed to finish translating an idea I had for a game into an actual usable prototype and I'm feeling pretty accomplished! 🙂

Thank you for making React so approachable!


I have never experienced learning like this before. I am currently wrapping up the second project, and I was surprised I could do it this easily. I owe it all to you and your teaching style. As I progressed through the modules, it felt like puzzle pieces clicking together, a feeling I haven't experienced in a long time in online courses.

Fahim Faisal

I came into the beta of The Joy of React fresh from a JavaScript primer on freeCodeCamp. I had tried to get into React before, without much success (I really didn't know enough javascript to make sense of things outside paint-by-the-numbers tutorials.)

Josh's approach was challenging in the best possible way, through plenty of mini-projects to tinker and build, while also taking the time to make sure I built the mental model needed to think in React as soon as possible. One week into the course, I was already building side projects. Three modules in, I already had enough of a foundation to build complete projects of my own and figure things out productively.

I recommend The Joy of React wholeheartedly. It is that good.

Matias Baldanza

After taking this course, I appeared in 3 Frontend interviews. I was able to explain my thought process very clearly, and I cleared all of them. I accepted one of the offers and now I feel like an expert in React.

Ayush Agarwal

The Joy of React is amazing. I just wanted to tell you how I found everything so clear and comprehensive. It just made everything click, like a puzzle taking shape. It's already helping me in my job and in my side projects. I cannot start to imagine the time and energy you put into this but, really, it's worth it. Congratulations for this tremendous work!

Rodolphe Breton

I can confidently say that The Joy of React is one of the most polished courses I've had the pleasure of going through. With the mix of text, screencasts, interactive exercises, games and practice projects, I feel like everything is finally starting to click for me!

Josh doesn't gloss over stuff like most tutorials, but instead makes sure you understand how React works on a fundamental level.

Mackenzie Child

What I really like about Josh's way of teaching is that he takes the time to explain concepts from the ground up. The exercises are fun and quirky, which makes it joyful to complete the course. I also love the accessibility perspective, a subject I feel needs a lot more focus among developers.

After finishing both of Josh's courses, I use them as a library for knowledge in my day to day work, and I look up something at least once a week.

Sara Blom

Before The Joy of React, my experience with React apps was incredibly painful and confusing. After going through this course, everything makes so much more sense. I can't imagine a better way to learn react and modern JS foundations.

Adam Waxman

The Joy of React course is comprehensive, well-thought out, and delightful to work through. ✨

This is not only for beginners! If you've used React for a while but are not sure how things work under the hood (like me), you will learn A LOT 🤩

Yuka Masuda

Before taking this course, I knew how to build apps with React, but not why any of it functioned. Based on Josh's previous work, I was confident that The Joy of React would help me understand the bigger picture. My expectations were met — hands-down!

Josh has a knack for distilling complex ideas into polished and crystal clear explanations. If you enjoy carefully crafted content and want to finally wrap your head around React, you're in for a treat.

Mikaël Sévigny

This course is so much fun. Josh's ability to break down concepts in a structured and simple way using analogies, diagrams, mini-games, and exercises is second to none. My understanding of React has significantly improved after completing this course, and I know I'll be coming back to it for reference for many years to come.

Stephen Walter

I started this course with zero knowledge of React. I now feel not only like I know what I'm doing with React, but also why I'm doing it. Josh has the wonderful skill, so rarely found in experts, of being able to clearly explain complicated things to someone totally new to a subject in a fun and engaging way. If you are new to React, I can whole-heartedly recommend this course.

Dave Henson

I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge I have gained. The course has covered all the necessary topics and the explanations have been excellent. Taking this course has been the best decision I made and I would highly recommend it to others.

Hari Sharan Bhuju

This course truly lives up to its name. I've used React for awhile now, but this is the first resource that has helped me build a proper intuition for what's going on under the hood with React.

The fantastic interactive resources you see on Josh's blog posts are here in abundance. I love the way different types of learning resources are used in the course. From Interactive code playgrounds, well-written explanation and video resources, there's something for everyone, regardless of the way you learn.

Mo Jama

Even though I have several years of experience in React, I could still deepen my understanding of modern web development. Josh precisely collected all the crux and pitfalls that an ordinary dev can experience. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

Károly Török

The Joy of React helped me land a job at Qualcomm Inc. The interviewer was impressed by my React knowledge, especially custom hooks, and my portfolio projects, built with React after I did the course

Prakhar Kumar

This is the most thought-through and fun learning experience I ever encountered. Projects, playgrounds, interactive diagrams — it has it all.The Joy of React stands by its name.

Pavel Fomchenkov

After (re)discovering CSS and learning a new mental model, I was really eager to discover Josh's new course about React. Even though I was already confident with my skills, it transformed my vision of how React works on the inside.

I cannot recommend enough following Josh's teaching, and The Joy of React is no exception!


Josh's React course imparts both his love of coding and user experience. Every minute detail is handcrafted, including the (React-based!) course platform, pro-quality videos, and well-targeted exercises and projects. This is how online courses should be built!

Dan Wilhelm

What I love about Josh’s courses is that I know I’m going to walk away having really learned something. His courses aren’t simply a collection of videos—they're interspersed with written content, interactive examples, illustrations, exercises, and workshops that really challenge you. All with a touch of magic ✨

Ryan Leichty

Josh’s courses are the best. Most courses just teach you how to do stuff, but Josh teaches you why things work the way they do, and more importantly, how to bring the pieces together to build an excellent application.

His knowledge depth and experience shine through this course. I highly recommend it. Even if you have experience building react applications, you might learn a thing or two.


I considered myself an advanced developer when it comes to Javascript and React. Well, this course proved me wrong. It actually helped me to get things clear, things that I already "knew"!

This is a constant on every module, and I can assure you that it is also one of the main qualities of Josh's teaching: he provides clarity even for things or concepts that you thought you already understood.

Having done his first CSS course I had high expectations for this course as well. It's exceeded them by far. I suggest it not only for newbies but for literally everyone!

Santiago Greco